Here I Am

2005年 04月 01日 ( 1 )


wow wow,
i'm giving my testimony at 24/7 sometime on thursday in april. (may be 14th in april)
i hope it's an april fool joking, but it's not, it's serious. one of the stuff asked me to do it yesterday night.
every semester, a student gives one's testimony on the stage in front of 500 people.

man~, i do have my own testimony but i have no english!! they do know that, so why me? why not an american? i'm so nervous about it.
however, i'm excited to give americans japanese testimony cuz i want them to know about japan. i just hope to use this opportunity for something good.
anyway, please pray for me m(__)m.

by kirk_gleam | 2005-04-01 14:02 | ハト派