Here I Am

Matt Redman,


one of the most famous and greatest worship leader in the world,

is COMING to the Hope Church in Funabashi on May 13th!!!!
how excited it is!!

i heard this event is as a part of his asia tour. before japan, he will give a concert at the olympic stadium in korea.
i just don't know why he's coming to japan, just for one small church in chiba. i just see he's such a humble man.
i think the hope church welcomes everybody for free!!

those who know about him, you guys can't miss this great opportunity!! well, i was gonna leave japan on May 10th, but obviously i've gotta change my mind for making it.
man i feel like even i could reach him in the church!!
hmm may be i should take some pictures with him!!


some more info, contact to the Hope Church

URL of the Hope Church

by kirk_gleam | 2007-04-16 23:54 | ハト派
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