Here I Am

i am grateful to you for everything you've done to me, Adam...

i fell in deep sleep for 12 hours!!
what have i done for the valuable saturday!

look at the title and pic! this big guy, looks so kind, is my best american friend. since i came to US, he always always helped me for many many things like ride, grocery, laundry, church, bible study, music, fun, sports, school stuff, and other things...
with his those helps, i could live in iowa.
in last friday, the guy, Adam, has just left to his home place in FL, and he won't come back cuz he graduated his school in last semester. he will be looking for job over there.
he helped me a lot, but i have done nothing to him.
but he always answerd me with his big smile "anytime! i'm glad to help you"...

hey, Adam, i jsut wanna say "thank you" for everything. i've never seen a guy had kindness like you. i'm missing you, man.
but i will be always praying for you
"dear God, bless his whole life anytime anywhere"

i love you, Adam.

by kirk_gleam | 2005-01-23 14:27 | ハト派
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